We Choose Quality over Quantity

At Gouamrit, we believe everyone deserves to be hale and hearty in life. That is why we strive to provide our customers
with dairy products that stand for superior quality and offer good nutritional value.

Happy Cows Equal Happy Customers


We believe healthy and happy cows produce more milk. At Gouamrit, we feed our animals with fresh and wholesome fodder and keep them in a clean, hygienic setting.

In addition, here are some other factors we ensure in order to have healthy and happy cows.

  • The sheds in our farm our designed in a way to allow maximum ventilation and thermal efficiency and create a comfortable environment for cattle.
  • We let our cows free to roam around, get fresh air, green fodder, drink water and rest as much as they need.
  • We have separate areas for our cows to eat and rest conveniently.

Quality Diet for Quality Products

When it comes to dairy produce, what we feed our cows matters a lot. At Gouamrit, we are diligent about our cattle’s diet and thus have an experienced veterinarian with expertise in cow nutrition to formulate a well-balanced diet for our cows.

Considering different factors such as age, lactation and medical health, the vet formulates a diet for optimal health of the cows and good milk production.

What’ more, we strictly avoid the use of drugs, hormones injection, chemicals and poisonous plants to produce cow milk at our dairy farm. We always ensure a continuous supply of fresh drinking water and green fodder for our cows to meet their water intake and nutritional needs.

Medical Help at Fingertips

While we take good care of our cows with a comfortable setting, appropriate diet and daily care practices, we have a proper medical facility and staff in place to keep our cattle healthy.

From proactively controlling the spread of livestock disease to managing birthing process to regularly monitoring cows for any unusual behavior, abnormal signs or discomfort to treating sick cows, we ensure a number of practices to maintain good cattle health and high milk production while maintaining high-maintenance standards.

All this is possible with a team of committed staff that work 24/7 to manage the livestock on daily basis.

To sum up, well-bred and fed cows are certainly a source of healthy milk. High production of wholesome milk allows us to fulfill the needs of more and more consumers and contribute towards better human health and wellbeing.